Gina Hanzsek Design

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” – Pablo Picasso



Here is a more in-depth sampling of my collage work.


Box & Cap Series

Inspired by Fred H. Griffin's 3D box paintings.

Tea Tag Series

Inspired by the idea of putting all those tea tags to a new use.

Vintage Series

Inspired by both of my Grandmother's stories.

Paper Cut Series

I love putting together combinations of color and texture and found ephemera to create abstract visual compositions.

Digital Montage Series

Collages designed and digitally composed using Photoshop and my photos and mixed ephemera.

Mixed Media / Assemblage

Combining paper, fabrics, paint and ephemera or natural elements and found objects. 3D assemblages.

Box Art

3D assemblages - all in a box... or drawer, wood mold or other container. Little worlds, or eclectic whimsy.

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To do it is not to learn it, to do it again and again is the learning process.
~Fred H. Griffin

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