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“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” – Pablo Picasso


Art ofCollage

When objects and images are taken out of one context and put in to another it creates engagement, triggering reflection and interest. Sometimes it is found ephemera and sometimes it is natures abundance of leaves, petals and sun prints. Either way, I especially enjoy the tactile aspect of collage, the arrangement and rearrangement of elements that take me down unexpected paths.

My collages begin with scraps of paper that I’ve selected from my files. Colors and textures that work together. Then I begin to add other elements that play on the theme. An old label, ephemera, scrap of lace or photograph. I work on several collages simultaneously in my studio - as they tend to feed off of each other. When I’m not in my studio, I keep a collage sketchbook, where I create in-the-instant collages with bits of collected scraps left over from my studio projects. I’m always looking for those moments of time to create!

Small Collages

4 x 6 and 5 x 7 inch collages

To do it is not to learn it, to do it again and again is the learning process.
~ Fred H. Griffin

Interested in Books?

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